Corporate Cost-Reduction Services
Start  Saving 20% (or more) on Your Expenditures Today

PROCUREMENT-ONE NETWORK:  Helping companies to reduce their costs and increase savings is our passion.   


With over 100 corporate cost-reduction professionals (in 7 locations), Procurement-One's Network has helped hundreds of companies reduce their costs and increase profit.  


Our goal is to provide small-to-mid sized corporations with free and paid services to help them maximize the value they receive from every dollar they spend, by providing:


  1. Free corporate cost-savings tips, Q&As, and videos (eBulletins, Q&A quick calls, video vignettes).

  2. Performance-based cost-reduction analysis and implementation services (no out-of-pocket fees).

  3. Procurement and cost-reduction training Bootcamps.

  4. Part-time & interim procurement staffing or management (location dependent).


On average, 44% of a company's revenue is consumed by its expenditures on goods and services.  Any cost-reduction here goes straight to profit.  Most companies have over 30 spend categories and don't have the time or expertise to manage them all well.    Moving them to "expertly-managed," results in an average savings of 20% (or more).  Through your in-house resources, or ours, start to secure more savings today.


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Past Savings Examples:

Cost-Reduction Solutions

Interim Staffing & Training