Corporate Cost-Reduction Services


We provide cost-optimization services to small-to-midsize clients to identify dollar-waste and achieve best-in-class costs on their key expenditures, clients can re-invest the savings into their unique core capabilities and grow their companies. 

We identify their key savings opportunities and provide the plan with our proven strategies.  Our clients can choose to implement our plan themselves or to use P1 resources to completely free up their staff.


Typical captured savings averages 20% (or more), historically resulting in up to $3M annual savings (or more, based on company size).  

P1 Network is a network of seven (7) corporate cost-reduction companies (over 100 dedicated experts) committed to seeing your company flourish by identifying and eliminating dollar-waste on your outside expenditures (which typically consume 45% of your total revenue).

We strategically optimize and reduce costs in over 30 key spend categories.  

SPEND-less, Re-invest, & Flourish today:

Actual Savings Examples:

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