Corporate Cost-Reduction Services


We enable and provide guidance to small-to-midsize corporate clients to secure best-in-class cost-reductions, resulting in savings of up to 20% or more, even using existing suppliers and sources.


Additionally, we provide turn-key cost-reduction services, to enable significant savings for our clients, while freeing up their limited staff.


Cost-Reduction Services:  ON-DEMAND 

Our consultant access subscription service allows our clients to add cost-reduction expertise to their staff without adding any headcount, and at a very nominal monthly fee.  No contract required.

On average, companies spend 44% of their revenue on purchased goods and services.  Any cost-reduction here goes straight to profit. 


We have achieved significant savings in over 30 spend categories.  

We are a network of seven (7) corporate cost-reduction companies dedicated to enabling our clients to achieve significant savings and best-in-class cost on all (or any) of their supplier and outside expenditures.


1.  ​​On-Demand Cost-Reduction 1x1 Consulting - One Month Subscription:

  • $300/month (includes up to 4 hours support in 30-minute increments) 

  • Use On-Demand during the month (via Web-meeting, Phone, and/or email)

  • Use for any purpose: Training, Q&A, Analysis, Support on your Savings Initiative(s).

  • Sessions are in increments of 30 minutes.  No contract required.


2.  Ad-hoc Consulting services:  $100/hour (3-hour minimum).


3.  Cost-Reduction Bootcamps & Workshops:  (price based on content)


4.  Performance-based cost-reduction initiatives: (fee is a minor % of achieved savings - we do all the work, you enjoy the savings).

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Actual Savings Examples:

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