30 Expense Categories are Ripe for New Savings

Reduce Your Costs Significantly.


Our Network has helped hundreds of companies reduce costs, savings them millions and improving their profits. Typical savings are 20% or more.   We have cost-reduction expertise in over 30 spend categories.  

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Ground & Express
IT H/W & S/W
Healthcare Benefits
Invoice & Tax Recovery
Facility & HVAC Services
Capital Equipment
Raw/Direct Mat'ls
Fleet Services
Card & Banks Fees
Office Products
Electricity & Gas, Idaho & California
Janitorial Services
Maint. Supplies
Maintenance Contracts
Grounds Services
Telephony, Cell & Cloud Services
General Corporate Contracts
Packaging Mat'ls and Services
Waste Management
Lab Supplies
Local and Worldwide
Printing Services
Travel Services
[Air, Hotel, and Car]
Legal Services
Food Services
Marketing Services
Chemicals & Gases
Insurance Services
Design Services
Eng. and Production
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