Frequently Asked Questions 

 01  What are the Benefits of Procurement-One?

Whether it is corporate cost reductions, CapEx negotiations, or part-time procurement management staffing, all companies struggle with limited resources and therefore miss opportunities to reduce costs and increase profit margin.  PRO-ONE is the effective gap-filler that addresses these areas to help you flourish.  




 02   Is there any out-of-pocket fee for PRO-ONE's Optimized Cost Reduction Services?

No.  PRO-ONE optimized cost reduction solutions are implemented on a contingency basis. When clients enjoy savings attributed to our efforts, a minor percentage of the savings goes to PRO-ONE.    



 03   What does guaranteed "Risk Free" mean? 

Simply, if a client does not enjoy cost savings attributed to PRO-ONE's Optimized Cost Reduction efforts, the client owes nothing to PRO-ONE.





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