Meet The Team

Roger DeAmicis, C.P.M.

Director of Cost-Optimization


Roger has over 25 years of cost-optization, sourcing, and strategic negotiations experience in the areas strategic cost optimizations and reductions, spend managment, and has achieved the professional certifications in strategic supply management (C.P.M., CPSM, CPIM, and CTPE).  

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The Procurement-One Network 

The Procurement-One Network (PON) is made up of a network of seven (7) strategic cost-optimaztion companies: we are experts in the field of corporate cost-optimizations, cost-reductions, and supplier spend management, providing clients with robust, best-in-class solutions, which enabled significant savings and client growth.


“Roger is the gold standard among purchasing professionals.  A shrewd and tough negotiator, Roger is results driven and enjoys respect among his peers for his expertise.  I would like to give Roger my strongest recommendation.”

                                                    D. Coakley, Vice President of Operations

“As CFO, I was never disappointed in Roger's procurement capabilities and ability to deliver contracts at lower than targeted prices.  His negotiating skills are exceptional and his value to the Company was reflected in the tens of millions of dollars in savings that he generated at ChipX over the time we worked together.”

                                                                         H. Brodsky, CFO 

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